Welcome To The Comfort Zone

Dot Wiggin Band - Banana Bike [official music video], 2013

A Brief View Of The Hudson - Song About Rocks, 2013

American Anymen & Toby Goodshank - Poem Song, 2013

Tunetown Philharmonic - A Sucker’s Saturday (alternate video), 2013

Samuel Locke Ward - Lead Us Through The Dark + Leave Us To Die, 2012

Amazing lo-fi rock from the Iowa musician’s 2012 album, Double Nightmare.  Shot on VHS. 

Preston Spurlock - You Think You’re Something Now, 2012

Directed by Stefanie Koscher.

Sleepies - Terra Firma, 2012

Marker on index cards. 

Kung Fu Crimewave - Forgot About Rock ‘N’ Roll, 2012

Shot on Digital Harinezumi camera by Superheadz. 

Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore - Dutch Me, 2012

Handcancel - Buy An Album, 2012