Welcome To The Comfort Zone

Phoebe Kreutz - Caveman, Caveman, 2013

American Anymen & Toby Goodshank - Poem Song, 2013

Kung Fu Crimewave - Forgot About Rock ‘N’ Roll, 2012

Shot on Digital Harinezumi camera by Superheadz. 

Ching Ching - Not White White, 2012

Brook Pridemore - Stockholm St. Syndrome, 2012

Fakesgiving Festimal GRAND FINALE! (Rochester, NY - 11/16/11)

On Saturday, November 16th, 2011, five musical acts - Ladies Of Old Hat, Amos Rose, Huggabroomstik, Toby Goodshank, and Seth Faergolzia & The 23 Psaegz - performed at Meddlesome Labs in Rochester, NY. The event, Fakesgiving Festimal, culminated with all five acts joining together, and performing one last song from each. They are, in order:

Ladies Of Old Hat - “Worm Salad”
Amos Rose - “Pay No Mind”
Seth Faergolzia & The 23 Psaegz - “Weird Old Toad”
Huggabroomstik - “Diamond Eyeballs”
Toby Goodshank - “The Death Of My Enemies”

All songs written by their respective bands/artists. Not sure who shot the video, but big thanks to him/her/them. Enjoy!

Ching Ching - To Whom: I Am

Directed by Stefanie Koscher.

Kung Fu Crimewave - What Do I Do? music video, 2010

Found footage. 

Toby Goodshank - Track 5 music video, 2010

Flash rotoscoping against newsreel footage.

Berth Control - Blue Ski Mask, 2010

Shot on VHS and cameraphones.