Welcome To The Comfort Zone

Kung Fu Crimewave - DMT

Dot Wiggin Band - Banana Bike [official music video], 2013

A Brief View Of The Hudson - Song About Rocks, 2013

Phoebe Kreutz - Caveman, Caveman, 2013

"MY BOX" Transitional Animation - February 2013

Commissioned for Killy Dwyer’s experimental musical theater piece entitled MY BOX.  Animation and soundtrack by Preston Spurlock. 


Collaboration with Fran Agnone. 

Sleepies - Terra Firma, 2012

Marker on index cards. 

Toby Goodshank - Track 5 music video, 2010

Flash rotoscoping against newsreel footage.

Preston Spurlock - Sciencefairface, 2010

Music video directed by Fran Agnone (http://www.youtube.com/user/spotofsecretpicnics).